Reverse Osmosis Biocides – RoCide

Products for use online or offline on reverse osmosis systems

Reverse Osmosis Biocides – RoCide

Avista biocides are available to control these organisms whether it be through continuous dosing, intermittent dosing or periodically via a CIP system.  Avista Technologies will provide assistance in selecting and optimizing the most appropriate dosing regime for your system.  


Avista Technologies provides two types of biocides for use in reverse osmosis systems, RoCide® DB20 and RoCide® IS2. Both formulations are non-oxidizing and EPA registered. They are safe for use with both polyamide and cellulose acetate membranes. However, they are not for online use in systems producing potable water. Both have outstanding environmental properties, degrading rapidly and naturally. This property has made them the chemical of choice, especially for systems operating under strict environmental and discharge regulations.


Shock Treatment and RO Cleaning Applications:

RoCide® DB20 or RoCide® DB5 is used as an intermittent feed for “shock treatment” control or it can be applied as a ‘pre-treat’ cleaning solution to kill bacterial fungi and algae in membrane systems.

Continuous Injection Biocide:

RoCide® IS2 is a broad-spectrum formulation for use against microbiological contaminants commonly found in RO applications including bacteria, fungi, and algae. RoCide® IS2 is designed for continuous injection into the RO feed stream to provide constant biological control. 


It can also be applied as a short or long term membrane preservative or as an intermittent dose.

NOTE – Avista Advisor 3 has just been released and now allows users to calculate ALL formulated chemical requirements for RO systems.  You can now calculate antiscalant, biocide, coagulant and cleaner requirements and summarise plant chemical consumption.

Please contact Avista Technologies to receive your copy of the software.  (


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