Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant – Vitec

Specifically formulated for RO membrane separation processes. Feature enhanced scale control

Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant – Vitec

Avista Technologies provides a range of antiscalants suitable for treating, well, surface, municipal and recycled waters.  The Avista Advisor chemical projection programme is provided to assist customers in selecting the most appropriate antiscalant for the application and to determine the minimum effective dose rate.  

Products are available to prevent scaling up to:

CCPP  900
LSI/S&DI   3
CaSO4   7 x Ksp
BaSO4   105 x Ksp

SrSO4   35 x Ksp
SiO2    250mg/l in brine
CaF     1000 x Ksp

NOTE – Avista Advisor 3 has just been released and now allows users to calculate ALL formulated chemical requirements for RO systems.  You can now calculate antiscalant, biocide, coagulant and cleaner requirements and summarise plant chemical consumption.

Please contact Avista Technologies to receive your copy of the software.  (




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