Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser For the abrasives industry

KBA-AirSystems were the chosen supplier of this uniquely designed 20

Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser For the abrasives industry

SIA FIBRAL have a manufacturing  process which produces an aggressive exhaust gas, which must be Thermally Oxidised to ensure the company meets their PPC license and complies to the legislation– locally and nationally.

The BAT Technology was to provide a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser. (RTO)

 The design has several bespoke requirements:

·           The systems required a 3 stage particle filtration unit.

· For anticipated future expansion the RTO was designed with the potential to double the exhausts (volumetric) flow rate.

· For online monitoring and support  the control systems was integrated into the sites computer network. This allows our engineers  to remotely access the system for support.

The unit satisfied all of the Legislative limits and has performed, excellent to the satisfaction of SIA FIBRAL, EA and ourselves.

VOC Levels of 3  were measured under normal conditions meeting and exceeding the >20mg/m3  limit


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