PW-Generation for Novartis in Marburg

Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics GmbH & Co. KG award Hager + Elsässer the contract for the supply and installation of two hot water sanitisable PW generation units for the MARS Project in Marburg.

PW-Generation for Novartis in Marburg

The design will be a ROCEDIS 8000 PW-TS ECO. “Safe and economic at the same time” – these are the main advantages of the ROCEDIS ECO. The patented backwashing system “SB-Plus” boosts the Water Recovery Factor to over 85 %, thereby halving the resulting waste water flow rate. In addition, the availability of the plant is not reduced and there is no need to shorten the maintenance cycles.

One of the two lines to be delivered can be seen during the ACHEMA 2009, which is taking place in Frankfurt, May 11th – May 15th.

With this recent order, the long lasting cooperation of Novartis and Hager + Elsässer is successfully continued.

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