PPC  and MCerts

Have you got a PPC permit?


Confused about your obligations for Trade Effluent


The EA have told you what you must monitor but not


No information on suppliers or techniques?


Unsure what is the most cost effective solution?


This task is stopping you getting on with your



Pulsonic Technologies have
over 20 years of experience in trade effluent monitoring. Indeed, we were one
of the industrial advisors to the Environment Agency on the MCerts programme.
We can help you through this jungle and provide you with the most cost
effective solution to your PPC requirements from instrumentation to plant
design. Our services will enable you to get
on with what you are good at – running your business.


Call us today, we offer a
free consultation and if appropriate a free site assessment. We do not employ
hard sales techniques but simple, effective solutions at the lowest cost!

For further information, contact Pulsonic Technologies on 01422363462 or visit www.pulsonictechnologies.com

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