Pond Cleaner

Pondbrite is the ultimate solution to pond clarification. Its unique patented formula binds all suspended matter and removes phosphates from the water column helping to control algae.

Pond Cleaner

A brilliant new pond cleaner, Pondbrite‘s revolutionary and friendly formula rids your pond of green water probelms to achieve brilliant pond water clarity.

  • Clarifies murky ponds.
  • Gets rid of green water (single cell Algae).
  • Removes Phosphorous from the water column.
  • Removes colloidal inorganic sediment and suspended organic matter.
  • Prevents Algae growth.
  • Acts as a Pond sealant.
  • Suitable for private ponds, fisheries, golf course ponds, ornamental ponds, reservoirs.
  • Slow time release formulation provides long term benefits.
  • Proven product used by water industries to clarify water.
  • Low cost solution for water clarification.
  • How Pondbrite works:

    Phosphorous is a primary food source for Algae and its main
    concentration originates at the sediment/water interface at the bottom
    of the pond. It also becomes suspended in solution in the water where
    it becomes a food source for the Algae. Algae have no roots and use
    nutrients (Phosphorous, Nitrates and Nitrites) in the water column as
    their food source. Phosphorous is found in fishfood and fertilisers
    which are washed into ponds.

    PondBrite is a patented formulation of active ingredients, primarily
    Aluminium (Alum), combined with other non-toxic ingredients that are
    time released into the water column.

    Alum has been used in the water industries for decades as a water
    . PondBrite uses alum ions to bind with the phosphate
    molecules that are soluble in the water column and the resulting
    Aluminium Phosphate becomes insoluble in water. This Aluminium
    Phosphate precipitates and settles to the bottom of the pond where it
    is no longer available as a nutrient for the algae, which then dies
    off. In addition, the source of the Phosphorous in the bottom sediment
    is prevented from entering the water column.

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