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Plant Growth Stimulant

Eco-Grow Microbial Stimulant

Eco-Grow Microbial Stimulant is a totally natural and organic plant growth stimulant and microbial soil enhancer. It is highly effective at all stages of plant life, particularly in enhancing nutrient uptake by plant roots thus promoting healthier and stronger plants. It also enhances enzymatic and hormonal activity, which accelerates cell division and promotes increased growth. In soil it increases microbial activity and destroys harsh chemicals introduced into the environment.

Eco-Grow Microbial Stimulant (Eco-Grow MS) contains high concentrations of both humic and fulvic acids, along with marine plants, enzymes and micro nutrients. It is highly effective as a plant growth stimulant, soil enhancer, chelating/colloidal agent, and as a disease suppressant. When used as directed your plants will respond faster and better than you have ever expected.

Eco-Grow MS is used:

  • To grow healthy plants in a clean environment.
  • To suppress soil and root pathogens.
  • To neutralize pesticides in plants and soil.
  • To reduce toxic chemical damage in the soil.
  • As a microbial growth stimulant.

    EcoTurf Organic Compost

    is an organic bio fertilizer blend which is formulated for use on nutrients in a base of humic acids, enzymes, and bio energy products which are essential to vigorous leaf, stem and root growth. For use an all types of turf grass, both warm and cool season.

    Benefits Of Use:

  • Balanced nutrition for turf grass.
  • Improved turf vigor.
  • More consistent turf color.
  • Decreases the effects of stress.
  • Develops overall balanced growth.
  • Nutrients resist activity.
  • Easily sprayed on or applied through fertigation systems
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