pH Electrodes

Thermo Electron manufacture pH

pH Electrodes

Thermo Electron manufactures pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen electrodes for use in virtually any application. Our comprehensive range of electrodes can be used in almost any sample from pure water through foods, sauces, high molecular weight pharmaceuticals to slurries sludges and trade effluent.

The range of electrodes is not finite and specialist electrodes can be manufactured to customer specifications.

It is often difficult to know which electrode to choose for your particular application. Catalogues have many choices and often confuse the customer with large amounts of data. With us, you can simply call our technical staff and we will be able to recommend which electrode is best for you application. Alternatively e-mail our techncial support department with details of your application and we will respond within 24 hours to your enquiry.

So far we have in excess of 1700 electrode designs and have successfully measured pH in countless numbers of samples.


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