pH Control

Pulsonic Technologies offer a complete solution to pH balancing from equipment supply to complete treatment plants.

pH Control

Industrial effluent discharge to sewer or river is required to be essentially pH neutral in order to minimise erosion of the sewer network and to prevent harm to aquatic life. Normally, for discharge to sewer the effluent pH must be between 6 and 10 and to river between 6 and 8.

Industrial effluent is rarely within these limits, particularly with organic discharge from food processing plants, abattoirs, renderers, etc which are normally acidic in origin (often pH 4). However, whilst the raw effluent might be acidic, caustic cleaning within plants switch the pH from acid to alkaline (pH12) during this operation. As a result, a factory’s effluent discharge may swing widely from acid to alkaline during a 24 hour period.
To counter this, many effluent streams require pH balancing before discharge from site. This requires dosing with acid/caustic within a retention tank to ensure pH balance is achieved. To obtain maximum efficiency and ensure minimal use of dosing chemicals it is normal to install a mechanical mixer within the tank. The trick to ensure optimum performance is to ensure that there is enough retention time to correctly balance the effluent. The retention time will vary according to a number of factors including gravity or pumped feed of effluent, effluent take-up of acid or caustic, concentration of acid or caustic, mixing type and efficiency, mixing tank design, dosing pump capacity,  etc.
Pulsonic Technologies offer a complete solution to pH balancing from equipment supply only to complete treatment plants:

·         – Dosing Pumps
·         – Treatment Tanks
·         – pH Monitors
·         – pH Controllers
·         – Mixers
·         – Treatment Plants
·         – Plant Design
·         – Installation including Commissioning
·         – Groundworks and Pipework
·         – Chemical Supply

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