Odour Control

BIO AROMA is a bacterial solution specially formulated and packaged for easy application directly to areas emitting bad odours. BIO AROMA doesn't just mask the odour - our bacterials eliminate the source of the odour

Odour Control

BIO AROMA is ideal
for residential and comercial applications where odour is a concern.
Use as needed in kitchens, toilets, rubbish bins, pet areas, flors,
cars and any other area where odour is a concern. BIO AROMA
can be used in a spray bottle and sprayed into the air around and
directly on to odourous surfaces as needed, or alternatively added to
mop water to be used on floors, around urinals, pet areas, etc. The
formulation consists of biological nutrients and stimulants, and is
non-caustic, non-acidic and biodegradable, and is therefore safe for
people, clothing and the environment when used as directed.

Benefits of BIO AROMA:

– Controls odours.
– Easy to use.
– Saferthan chemicals.
– Biodegradable formula.
– Can be used almost anywhere.
– Safe for pets.
– Fast acting neuteraliser for immediate odour relief.
– Selectively adapted bacteria for degradation of malodourous organic compounds.
– Proprietary ingredients, which stimulate microbial activity.

How it works:

There are basically three elements that causemost odours;
Nitrogen oxygen and sulphur, and all of them can b e found everywhere.
Fortunatley not all odours are bad, those containing oxygen are usually
sweet whilst those containing nitrogen and sulphur are usually foul. Bio Aroma is designed to remove odour causing bacteria, nitrogen and sulphur – which cause these nasty odours.

Bio Aroma leaves a fresh clean fragrence behind, and is available in five fragrences; Mint, Lemon, Pine, Cherry, and Bubble gum.

For further information on Bio
Aroma please contact Bionetix UK on 01422 363462 or visit www.bionetix.co.uk

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