Oasys launches zero liquid upgrade

Oasys Water has recently unveiled its latest development in zero liquid discharge (ZLD ) technology

Oasys claimed its ClearFlo Complete solution can overcome the hurdles encountered in
handling wastewater from industrial processes to “convert the entirety of this wastewater back into
a quality sufficient for reuse” The ZLD system would, according to Oasys, “minimize the use of
costly and challenging thermal technologies,” by boosting the amount of water recovery of
membrane processes.

Oasys said ClearFlo Complete could recoup more than 90% of the water in waste streams
using a “simple and reliable membrane process,” thereby leaving a much-reduced volume of water
to be recovered by more costly and energy-intensive crystallization. The system combines
pretreatment with Oasys’ trade-marked membrane brine concentrator and adding a heavily
reduced-capacity crystallizer.


“The combination of rapidly increasing water scarcity and the need to reduce massive global
industrial water pollution challenges demands the water industry respond with solutions that can
tackle these issues in a cost-effective manner,” said president and chief executive of Oasys Water,
Jim Matheson. He went on to pledge that Oasys would further extend the ClearFlo offering “in the
near future.”


Oasys’ ClearFlo Complete, provides complete liquid recovery for complex wastewater streams
from 300 m3/day to >10,000 m3/day, the firm said. It said the system was “ideally suited for
complex wastewater applications such as coal power flue gas desulphurization (FGD), cooling tower
blowdown (CTBD), oil and gas, mining, textile processing, and saline chemical process wastewater
recovery and reuse.”


Oasys said demand for ZLD was growing out of strict government regulations to deal with
“dwindling freshwater resources creating dire situations around the world, especially in China and
India where the most stringent water reuse and discharge regulations are currently in effect.”


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