New pull test and compression test for Storz couplings

A storz coupling is a quarter turn internal lug coupling

In some industry usage like agriculture and irrigation it can be casting made for general hose connection and pressure undertake. However if it is used in firefighting which is rather demanding, a forged artcraft is always requested to guarantee the safety and duration of the couplings.

SMEcoupling has a recent breakthrough to forge a series of aluminum-alloyed Storz couplings of great mechanical strength.

Endure up to 10 tons of weight!

The coupling deforms yet not broken sandwiched by 10 tons of pressure throughout the test for minutes.

Possible Materials: forged or casted aluminum, brass & st. steel

Connection type : delivery and suction hose tail, bent, inner and outer thread BSP, NSW, NPT

Engineering type possible with SMEcoupling : For sure yes.

Genuine forging strength.

SME Article nr: 052855

DN: 65 – 2.1/2″

Type: Storz with inner thread BSP-Parrallel

or optional: inner thread NSW

Weight: 0.45 Kg

Sealing gasket: flat for delivery

or optional: embossed for suction and delivery

Tipping point 47.30kN!

The coupling hits 47.30 kN before the lugs are torn apart during the pulling test.

Reinforced mechanical strength!

Brand: SME

Manufacture: aluminum alloys by drop forging

Sizes availability:

– with hose shank 52C 75B 110A 125

– with inner thread 52C 65 75B 110A

– with outer thread 52C 65 75B 110A

Gaskets: NBR for both suction and delivery

For more information please visit ore site

For further information please email SME CHINA


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