Metito Case Study: Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants for Asam-Asam Steam Power Plant – Kalimantan-Indonesia

The Indonesian government awarded an international consortium

Metito Case Study: Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants for Asam-Asam Steam Power Plant – Kalimantan-Indonesia

The project was truly unique and undeniably challenging for many reasons including: The salinity of the water source/the Asam River during the dry season, with the location being very close to the sea. This proximity causes a wide range of hourly changes in the quality of the raw water with the total dissolved solids varying from 30 to 27,000 mg/l, and the suspended solids varying from 5 to 690 mg/l.


Key Data

Location: Asam Asam, Kalimantan – Indonesia

Plant Type: Desalination, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Demineralisation and Chemical Injection

Capacity: Different Capacities for Various Packages

Use: Power Plant

Client: Sumitomo Corporation/Toshiba Plant Kenetsu JV

End User: PLN

Contract Type: Design and Build on a Turnkey Electromechanical Basis


Scope of Work

Metito was responsible for the design and erection of the complete electromechanical works for this package, which comprosed of teh following treatment plants:

  • River Water treatment Plant with a capacity of 2×480 m3/h incorporating solids contact clarification, sludge dewatering system and chemical handling facilities
  • Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant, constructed in 2 streams
  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plant with a capacity of 360 m3/day
  • Demineralisation Plant for the Packed Bed process, with a capacity of 360 m3/day, comprising 2 streams of cation and anion colums followed by mixed bed polishers
  • Ash & Coal Runoff (ACRO) Wastewater Treatment Plant with a 12 m3/h capacity
  • Metal Cleaning Wastewater Treatment Plant for boilers and air pre-heaters
  • Sanitary Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Skid-mounted cooling water chemical dosing packages
  • Supply of chemicals for operation of the water and wastewater systems and cooling tower


Key Benefits

  • A total Solution for the power plant water and watewater treatment needs
  • An efficient design that takes into consideration the varying quality of the feed water from seawater to muddy flood water
  • A novel technology and reliable design that meant trouble free operation and minimum downtime
  • Timely execution which was imperative for the stratup of this power plant
  • Full local support and customer service, in a world class quality, from a well established company



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