Memcor’s continuous microfiltration is worth its salt

Memcor’s continuous microfiltration (CMF) technology has successfully removed contamination at Salt Springs Water Treatment Plant in Jordan

The introduction of Memcor’s membrane filtration system, which prevents suspended solids from penetrating, has meant that safe drinking water is now available to the city’s 127,500 citizens.


Prior to the CMF installation, the presence of fecal coliform meant a high risk to the people of Salt City from dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid and cholera, but Memcor’s technology now provides 6.5million cubic metres of clean drinking water pa – adhering to the Jordanian Water Ministry’s requirement to maximise the water that is available from the country’s aquatic resources.


Periodically, compressed air is used to backwash each filter, with units designed to switch between treating water and backwash water intermittently.  The system produces 1000m3/hr of finished water, with a total of seven units running on rawfeed water.



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