Level Control

The Locator V is an advanced

Level Control

The Locator V is an advanced, low cost, single channel ultrasonic level/volume controller which uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide highly accurate and reliable measurement and control.

High in functionality, the Locator V offers non-contact level measurement of liquids and solids. Standard features include the measurement of level, volume, target distance and Tonnes.

By eliminating the need for complex setting up programs, the Locator V can be configured by using the two line integral programming and status LCD display, simply by scrolling through the menu and selecting the appropriate answers.

Calibration, relay settings and communications are all programmable, with in-built software traps to prevent the user programming the unit incorrectly.

In the run state the display simultaneously displays level, volume, distance and temperature.

Applications – Multiple Pump Control, Filling and Discharge Control, Overflow & Dry Running Pump Protection, Level/Volume Indication and Object Proximity Detection.

Features – Simple user friendly programming, Two line programming and status display, 4 programmable and 1 lost echo relay, Relay status LED’s, Analogue isolated 4-20mA output and RS232 or RS422 output.

Big in functionality but small in price the Locator V is ideal for low budget applications, which require a flexible solution!

For further technical information on the Locator V and level measurement options, contact Pulsonic Technologies on 01422363462 or visit www.pulsonictechnologies.com

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