Leading expert delivers online masterclass on membrane fouling

There is only one week left to register for this exciting new format of online event and deepen your understanding of membrane fouling in only one hour.

If you have ever experienced, or if you experience in the future, a recurring, long-term, expensive, time-consuming, exasperating problem with an RO unit, it will likely be due to fouling by living and/or non-living particles. The most common fouling across all industries with RO units operating on surface water sources is biofouling/organic fouling.

David Paul is the presenter of this Masterclass. David has over 37 years of experience dealing with fouling in RO units. For the past 26 years he has consulted and trained at hundreds of RO plants around the world. Most of the consulting has been for biofouling control.

This event will cover:

·The mechanisms of fouling

·The two parameters that most control the fouling rate

·Design versus fouling

·Operation versus fouling

·Chemical cleaning versus fouling

This is a one-hour event. The presentation will be highly visual, with many pictures and illustrations. The information will be presented in a step-by-step, logical sequence for thorough understanding of the concepts and data provided.

There will be an opportunity to ask live questions and interact with the speaker, as well as access to the recorded event, all for just $77.00.
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