Grease Traps

Pulsonic Bioscience have developed Grease Buster and Eco Trap

Grease Traps

Pulsonic’s Grease Buster is
an innovative, self contained eco-friendly solution to
grease management. Designed under building regulation part H, it
protects drain lines and fat traps from blockages from heavy fat, oils
and grease build up. Using naturally occurring micro-organisms, the system
utilizes patented bacterial technology, ensuring efficient and effective
drain cleansing with minimal impact on the environment. We tailor the
bacterial solution and the dosing program to your specific needs,
resulting in the most advanced solution to grease management.

Unlike many ‘bacterial’ solutions the specially designed bacteria actually digest the fats, oils, and grease, which are in pipelines, rather than move the problem.

A solid alternative to GreaseBuster can also be provided as Eco Trap Blocks.


– Digests grease, cooking oils, and animal fats.
– Keeps drain lines free from blockages and malodours.
– Designed to be space efficient, providing a protected system.

Designed on the principle of ‘fit and forget’, it is
completely automated and self contained, requiring no maintenance or


– Eliminates foul drain odours caused by grease build ups in drain lines.
– Prevents build up in pipes, drain and also grease traps.
– Replaces the need for grease traps and other physical removal systems.
– Fits into any environment, and any space.
– Enclosed in a wash down proof cabinet to prevent rusting from water.
– Removes the need for harsh chemicals.
– Totally safe and environmentally friendly.
– Complies with current and future legislation
– Tailored program to save on space and costs.


many providers, we combat grease management on two fronts.Where many
‘solutions’ either have a bacterial or enzyme treatment, we employ the
power of both. Fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) are large complex
molecules and bacteria can not digest them in their raw state.We use
enzymes to first break down the FOG’s into smaller molecules which the
bacteria can then digest. The bacteria use the FOG’s in their metabolic
process as energy. The by-product of the process is simply harmless
water and carbon dioxide. The bacteria in our product also attack and
destroy bad bacteria that generate foul odours. Not only does
GreaseBuster attack and eliminate existing FOG’s,
but the advanced bacterial formulation also ‘lines’ drains tocreate a
BIOFILM. The BIOFILM continues to protect, repel and digest greases
and organics, which all cause problem blockages

What is the GREASE BUSTER liquid?

grease buster liquid is the result of over 5 years research into grease
and wastewater management. Grease Buster uses a multi-spore blend of 14
strains of bacteria and biological enzymes. These strains of natural,
non-genetically modified bacteria have been chosen because of their
synergistic and natural properties to combat all forms of fat, oil and
grease build up, all commonly found in commercial kitchens.

The unique
bacterial formulation is designed to be resistant to harsh cleaning
chemicals and pH environments, although indiscriminate use of harmful
chemicals can cause an unbalanced platform for the bacteria to develop.

Where should be grease buster installed?

Grease Buster is developed to comply with all legislation, particularly
Building Regulations Part H, 21.2. Grease Buster is designed to combat
fat, oil, and grease build up in all commercial kitchens, which lead to
blocked drains. Grease Buster can also complement current systems,
such as grease traps and physical removal systems.

Designed to be a ‘fit and forget’ system, the grease buster is attached to the drainage
system, next to the first drain or dish washer.

For further technical information on grease buster or on grease management products, contact Pulsonic Bioscience on 01422363462 or visit

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