Glass Cleaner

Eco-freindly bacterial glass cleaner

Glass Cleaner

ECO GLASS – Bacterial Glass Cleaner

This environmentally friendly
glass cleaner
can be used for a wide range of applications
such as glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, Plexiglas, Formica,
plastic and other hard surfaces.

Eco-Glass works on contact to remove fingerprints,
soil, water spots etc.

It requires minimal wiping and leaves a bioshield to resist resoiling, but leaves no residue on the surface.

Free of solvents, butylcellusolve, ammonia, soaps and
denatured alcohol – it really is a brilliant natural glass cleaner alternative to harsh chemical cleaners.

For further Information on Eco-Glass and a range of other environmentally friendly cleaning products, visit the Bionetix UK shop at

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