Geology, Hydrogeology and Contaminated Land for Renewable Energy Projects (CLA)

RPS Geology and Hydrogeology Consultants specialise in environmental impact assessment for renewable energy projects

Geology, Hydrogeology and Contaminated Land for Renewable Energy Projects (CLA)

Our hydrogeology and land contamination team has wide experience in the investigation and assessment of impacts on groundwater and groundwater resources that can result from engineering projects. The construction of new infrastructure, with associated alterations to land-cover and drainage patterns can have a direct impact on hydrogeology, in terms of levels, groundwater flow direction and groundwater quality.  These direct effects may in turn have an indirect impact on important groundwater receptors that include: public and private water abstractions; springs; wetlands and rivers. Historical contamination present on site can also have serious implications for controlled waters and human health through re-mobilisation and exposure to pre-existing contamination.

By developing a robust Conceptual Site Model (CSM) all potential impacts are identified, assessed and where appropriate mitigated in order to minimize the risk of harm to the environment, site operatives and the public. RPS contaminated land specialists provide important risk screening to identify potential existence of historical contamination on a site at an early stage.  The hydrogeology and land contamination team therefore provides a complete range of services ranging from (Phase I) baseline studies, constraint identifications to quantitative controlled water risk assessments

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