Frazer & Tabberer’s Socket Weld Joint

Frazer & Tabberer can supply various jointing methods specific to all requirements. Internal linings for potable water are in accordance with DWI 25 (1) (a) and 31 (4) (a). Internal linings for wastewater are in accordance with DIN 2614.

Frazer & Tabberer’s Socket Weld Joint

Socket Weld Joint

Diameters: 80mm – 1200mm

Steel Grades: ST37, ST52, API, ASTM A106, X42, X52, X60

Linings: Cement Mortar Lining to DWI 25 (1) (a) & DWI 31 (4) (a), and Epoxy to DWI 31 (4) (a).

Protection: Blue 3 Layer PE; 3 Layer PP (both 1.8-4mm thick depending on OD); FBE (500 µm thick). Sewage pipes would be black in colour.

Uses: Potable Water & Sewage Sludge (with Acronal cement mortar).

Internal Repair: No repair needed on c/m lining. Repair needed on epoxy lining with our repair kits.

Pressure Rating: 1-150 bar depending on steel grade, OD and wall thickness.

Realistic Usability: Any potable water or sewage sludge pipeline, especially where aggressive or rocky ground conditions will result in, or has resulted in, corroded, cracked and leaking pipelines after only a few years.

Joint Type: External Socket Weld joint.

Fittings: Socket Weld fittings made to suit.

Aim: No corrosion, no leaks, no minimum longevity of life.

Soil Types:  Ideal for all soil types because of complete corrosion protection.

Extras: Cement mortar rock shield for river crossings & rocky ground.

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