Fluytech online-cleaning ultrafiltration cuts costs

Spanish company Fluytec has launched a new continuous ultrafiltration (c-UF) system with an incorporated

Fluytech said its new c-UF system cleans each ultrafiltration module individually while the rest of
the system remains online.

It has, the company claims, has an innovative control system to ensure a constant product
flow during backwash, flushing and rinsing, as well as during chemically enhanced cleanings. The
arrangement eliminates the need for backwash pumps and tanks, blowers and transfer pumps,
which reduces the system’s capital cost.

Unlike the company’s other, more traditional UF systems, which use outside-in UF membrane
technology, the c-UF systems employ multibore PES membranes that operate with an inside-out
flow path. But Fluytech said it can customize its c-UF systems for use with outside-in membranes if
preferred by a customer.

The footprint of the skid-mounted 50 m3/h c-UF system is 7m2 which the company claims is
up to 50% smaller than a conventional UF system. It also offers the system with integrated RO
systems mounted on a common skid or container. 


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