Flowserve – One source for RO equipment

Flowserve has now become the one company that can supply all flow control equipment for reverse osmosis (RO) plants. This includes energy recovery devices

Flowserve – One source for RO equipment

Energy is the second largest expense in operating RO plants and has led to the development of energy recovery devices. The Dual Work Exchanger Energy Recovery (DWEERâ„¢), an isobaric machine, consists of two long vessels that feature a floating piston that separates the process fluids. There are no rotating parts that wear out at full speed the pistons are recycling up to only five times per minute. Adjustable for speed, the system can start very gradually, eliminating over-pressurization and water hammer. Also, due to the low speed, the noise levels are well below OSHA recommended levels of 85 dBa. The DWEER is installed at some of the largest desalination plants in the world.

Flowserve Corporation manufactures centrifugal pumps, valves and mechanical seals that have been widely used in Oil & Gas, Power, Water and Chemical industries. For over 50 years, Flowserve has supplied pumps to the desalination industry. One of the trademarks of Flowserve equipment is the reliability and high efficiency of its pumps.

In addition to worldwide sales and manufacturing, Flowserve also operates a network of over 150 Quick Response Centers, with locations in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The QRCs are designed to offer service and repair for Flowserve equipment. The combination of highly efficient new equipment backed by a network of service centers makes Flowserve the one source for RO equipment in this industry. For more information, please visit: www.flowserve.com

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