Dog Odor

Bio Aroma is specially formulated and packaged for easy application directly to areas emitting bad odours. It doesn't just mask the odour either - its all natural formulation eliminates the source of the odour

To assure optimal performance of this product under the toughest
conditions, it has been produced and blended together with high potency
surfactants and odour modifiers, which control malodors at the source.

Bio Aroma is ideal for residential and commercial
applications where odour is a concern. Use as needed in kitchens,
toilets, rubbish bins, smelly pet areas, floors, cars and any other areas
where bad odours occur.
Bad milk smells are easily eliminated by Bio Aroma’s natural cleaning power which eliminate the sour milk smell from carpets, floors, vehicles interiors and many other surfaces.

Gets rid of cat and dog smells including urine.

Benefits of Bio-Aroma:

  • Eliminate animal odours
  • Easy to use
  • Safer than chemicals
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Safe for pets
  • Gets rid of milk smells and other spillages
  • Can be used as a spray or diluted to mop floors
  • Bio Aroma’s natural odour elimination power is ideal for use at home or in kennels, catteries, animal rescue/re-homing centers etc.
    It can be diluted to make a kennel run wash and is particularly
    effective at removing cat urine and dog urine odours.

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