Degremont – A world leader committed to preserving resources through desalination and reuse

The Group designs

The high added value given by Degrémont for desalination.

With 255 desalination plants built worldwide producing 3,000,000 cu. m of desalinated water each day for 10 million people, the high added value given by Degrémont in the desalination field is firstly a result of the experts’, designer-builders’ and operators’ talent, which has been brought into play for every project.

Degrémont is a pioneer in reverse osmosis desalination. In 1969, the first facility in the world that made use of this technology was designed and built on Houat island in France.

The controlled Degrémont solutions for reusing safe water

Degrémont also supplies solutions for wastewater (reuse), a solution that enables agricultural, urban or industrial uses to be provided for and the rebuilding of resources at a reduced cost, whilst complying with regulatory constraints. A level of performance that offers local authorities the opportunity to reuse effluents with a view to conservation of natural resources.

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