Contaminated Land Site Investigation, Risk Assessments & Remediation Services (CLA)

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Contaminated Land Site Investigation, Risk Assessments & Remediation Services (CLA)

International Motor Trade Component Manufacture – RPS were commissioned to design and oversee the remediation works at a site in Surrey following identification of elevated concentrations of hydrocarbons in soils and groundwater during baseline site investigation works. The contamination comprised with a historical diesel spillage. The area down gradient of the spillage had subsequently been redeveloped and was largely inaccessible.

RPS undertook Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for both groundwater and human health in order to assess the potential risks associated with the site. Remedial target values were also derived. A remedial methodology was formulated and subsequently discussed and agreed with the regulator.

Work commenced at site following regulatory approval of the remedial targets and methodology. The works included the restricted removal of hydrocarbon contaminated soils from the source area and subsequent introduction of Oxygen Release Compound (ORC) into the subsurface in order to aid natural attenuation of residual contaminants identified in groundwater. ORC was mixed as a slurry and introduced directly to groundwater down gradient of the main contaminant source area.

RPS independently monitored the remedial works in order to ensure the works undertaken complied with the remedial methodology. Groundwater monitoring was undertaken for one year following completion of the remedial works in order to demonstrate betterment in groundwater quality. A validation report was compiled, presented and accepted by the regulator.

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