Contaminated Land Remediation – Soils & Groundwater Remediation (CLA)

RPS Chepstow have successfully managed high profile remediation projects on behalf of a number of national developer clients. Projects have often been accepted on a fast turnaround basis in order to ensure minimum delay to site redevelopment programmes. Rapid consultation with the client and regulatory authorities has ensured that remediation is delivered on programme and to an accepted standard

Contaminated Land Remediation – Soils & Groundwater Remediation (CLA)

National Developer Client-  RPS were commissioned to investigate, design and oversee the remediation works at a site at Wandsworth, South West London. The site was formerly utilised as a gas works and oil storage facility. The proposed site re-development comprised striking riverside apartments coupled with retail and leisure facilities.

Contamination encountered on site during the intrusive investigation works comprised considerable floating phase and dissolved phase hydrocarbons in groundwater and hydrocarbon impacted soils associated with historic site activities across the site.

RPS undertook a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) to assess the risks associated with contamination identified and derived remedial target concentrations. A remedial methodology was formulated and subsequently discussed and agreed with the regulatory authorities.

Remediation commenced on site following regulatory approval on the remedial targets and methodology.

Groundwater Remediation – The  remediation system was designed such that it could continue during the construction phase of the development thereby not impacting the build programme and meeting the clients cash flow needs. The groundwater treatment system was updated and incorporated into the development throughout progression of the project and was utilised for a period of two years after initial completion of the development.

The system employed focused on the recovery of free phase oils using down well skimming pumps. Liquids were subsequently separated using phase separation, activated carbon filtration. The objective of free phase product reduction was achieved and subsequently presented within a fully encompassing site validation report that was presented to and signed off by the Regulatory Authority.

Soils Remediation – RPS were present onsite during the development program in order to supervise and validate the bulk excavation of contaminated soils. Through  a rigorous onsite testing program RPS were able to classify the materials appropriately and ensure appropriate cost effective disposal. In addition RPS were present to design and supervise the installation of a gas membrane venting system to protect the residential end user.

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