Consumables and Containment Division


Absorbents for every day spills; spill kits for emergency situations, drain protection devices to prevent liquids entering drainage systems. Drum storage and liquid containment systems ensure compliance with guidelines and regulations.


Our range of absorbents for non-corrosive liquids, corrosive liquids, hydrocarbons, solvents and other organic liquids are suitable for use both inside and outside, on dry land and on water.

Our absorbent range includes:

Loose absorbent materials – aqacat, wood loose fibre, granules and zorb

Biocat – a leading edge recyclable hydrocarbon absorbent

Pads & sheets – absorb spills fast. High strength, even when saturated.  Use under dripping machinery or for wiping down surfaces and as part of your spill response plan.

Rolls and mini rolls

Non linting pads and rolls – lint-free, strong and highly absorbent.  Available in a variety of formats.  Provides greater durability than normal pads and rolls.

Ecomat – natural fibre absorbent. Absorbs up to 18 times its own weight.  Available in pad, mini roll, roll and carpet format.

Cushions and mini cushions – high capacity absorbents for large spill quantities. 

Socks & Booms – highly absorbent cover and filler for use as a spill containment device to prevent leaks and spills from spreading.

Drum top covers – cut to fit 205 litre drum covers stop drips from reaching the floor.

Floor mats – stop the spread of dirt, oil and grease in areas of high traffic

Pom poms – hanks of polypropylene fibres that attract and hold spills


A range of oil, chemical and maitnenance emergency response kits enabling you to handle any type of spill.

Choose maintenance kits for oil, coolants, water, detergents and mild chemical solutions.

Choose chemical kits for acids, caustics and corrosive chemicals.

Choose oil kits for hydrocarbons – diesel, petrol, oil based paints, lubricants and solvents.

Our standard range of spill kits absorb spills from 10 litres to 950 litres and are packaged in either snap handle carry bags, pvc bags and wheeled/static lockable bins.  

Our specialist range of spill ktis are designed for use in specific spill situations or for positioning in specific locations including on vehicles and in labs.

All our spill kits contain clear, easy to follow instructions, check list of contents, re-order sheet, emergency call out number should you require assistance, one set of gloves and goggles and at least one disposal bag and tie for safe disposal of used absorbents.


Drain blockers for every situation.  Spill control for drains and damaged containers.

Emergency drain mats – the most effective and low cost drain seal on the market.

Dammit ready mix clay plugging compound – specifically designed for the emergency sealing of leaks from holes, tears and ruptures.

Stoppit reusable drain mats – effective polyurethane drain covers with a durable top layer and flexible bottom layer to mould and stick to the contours of the drain.

Neoprene mats – lightweight mat best for blocking drains from small spills.

Drainseal mechanical drain blocker – the most positive drain cover on the market.  Stays in place even with back pressure.  Made to measure and reusable for deployment in high risk areas.


Plastic storage for drums, bulk fuels and waste oils.  Correct storage = good housekeeping + safety + compliance with guidelines and regulations.

Sump pallets – tough, chemical resistant and lightweight with removable mesh floors

Sump flooring – low profile sump flooring, create your own work stations or storage areas

Poly over drum – ideal for transporting damaged drums

Poly can and lab trays – sump flooring for 25 litre or smaller drums

Poly trolley – mobile dispensing station for 205 litre drums

IBC sump pallets – meet guidelines for storage


Pop up tanks – small fully collapsible self-erecting tanks.  Available in 80 litre and 250 capacity.

Trident frame tank – manufactured in either pvc or pu with powder coated mild steel frames which fit quickly together.

Trident expander tank – Storage from 1,000 litre to 12,000 litres. Floating collar causes tank to self erect.

Trident startank – May be used under any climatic conditions and applications. A range of open top polyurethane aluminium framed storage tanks are light and low volume when empty.

Tribund storage tanks – multi purpose secondary containment system

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