Commercial Services

Our Commercial clients are public and private organisations that own private water networks and facilities

Addressing the Five Key Drivers


The five key drivers for these clients are:


• Cost reduction
• Increased operational efficiency
• Service improvement
• Innovation
• Enhanced environmental performance

To address each of these needs we offer these four services:

•  Operating and maintenance of existing assets, above and below ground
• Project and programme management of client investment plans and delivery
• Treatment, disposal and recycling of bio-solids
• Customer service provision

Every solution we develop is bespoke and capitalises on our leading-edge technologies, vast engineering expertise and internationally renowned service and support capabilities.

Regardless of the contract size or the extent of the support we are required to provide, we pride ourselves on the delivery of a first-class service.

Client Sectors

We have a varied list of clients and offer services to organisations such as:

•  Airports
• Defence establishments
• Government agencies
• Hospitals
• Prisons
• Schools
•  Universities
• Trading estates

For more information, please visit the Veolia Water website.


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