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Durably and flexibly teknaEVO - the new dosing pumps series of SEKO SEKO presents a completely new series of dosing pumps

The development of the new teknaEVO series has been guided by the strategic principles, which have been defined for the development of the dosing pump Invikta, which is the smaller brother of teknaEVO.

The consistent industrialization of progressive technology has played a central role in as much as this is now available to the market at competitive prices.
The solid developmental steps are given the same emphasis as the technical innovation and the economic industrialisation, which gives an important contribution to the total innovation.

In the strategy of SEKO, this plays a substantially more important role than the implementation of new high-level technology, which is marketed by many manufactures with the resulting high-end prices. Such products have not proven themselves to be any more economic for typical application with little is any additional benefit.

This way of innovation has been an important main stay for the development department of SEKO, which constitutes with more than 50 engineers totalling over 15 % of the Italian groups staff. 
Leader in dimension and dosing range

The relatively high dosing ranges of the new teknaEVO pumps have a repeated advantage for the reduction of design and manufacturing of dosing skids for various applications.

The pumps flexibility reduces drastically the stock holding requirements, with just four models to cover a dosing range of 1 – 60 l/h. With the same body dimensions for all models the replacement for different flow ranges in fixed installations is simple and fast. The housings are built to IP 65 and can be installed in three positions; the wall assembly is particularly interesting, since display and pump head are arranged on the same side.

Assembly on water meters is possible and by the use of the supplied optional foot the pump will easily attach to horizontal surfaces.

Full chemically compatibly
By the specifying of a full Teflon diaphragm and standard use of PVDF pump heads with ceramic balls valves, there is hardly an application, which the pump does not offer full chemical compatibility for.
The new design of the self centring ball valves permits a simple flushing and priming of the pumps.

All pumps are supplied with standard installation accessories, including the foot valve and strainer, injection valve, suction and discharge hose.
Longer maintenance cycles

The full Teflon diaphragm is practically unbreakable in normal operation due to the special design and production process. 
In test conditions a working lifetime of more than 5 years was achieved, thus offering far extended maintenance cycles against comparable market competition.
Constant metering rate

By the employment of a stabilized multi-tension power supply for the range 100-240 VAC with 50/60 cycles per second a constant performance is achieved with low current consumption. Influences of power fluctuations are balanced and the operating costs are lowered due to the small current consumption. Intuitive programming permits the simple adjusting of the desired parameters.

SEKO presents the new dosing pump teknaEVO internationally and operates through 12 direct subsidiaries and commercial representations in more than 60 countries.

SEKO commits to, as a leading international manufacturer, to innovation into its target markets.

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