Cartridge filter GRP

Manufacture of pressurized shells for filter cartridges

Cartridge filter GRP

Dimasa Grupo pressurized shells for cartridge filters provides optimal operation for seawater filtration any salinity degree, reducing the maintenance required in these conditions and optimising installation cost of the filtration equipment. It can be applied used for of all kinds liquids from any salinity degree to be filtered.



  • Optimum performance for all types of fluids.
  • Lightweight and easy installation.
  • High quality and easy exchangeable filter cartridges.
  • Low maintenance and reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Excellent quality / price ratio.
  • Customization according to specifications and customer needs: adaptation of connections, operating pressure, color and dimensions.
  • Compliance with standards BS-4994, UNE 13121 and ASME X.
  • Use of all types of resins: Orthophthalic, Isophthalic, bisphenol and vinylester.
  • Internal parts made of plastic. (No metal contamination)
  • Our cartridge filters are designed to accept all kinds of standard cartridge to market.


Horizontal tanks with cartridge filters HF

  • Our horizontal tanks High Flow (HP) used for process optimization archives the maximum discharg versus space as possible in the process of filtering high flow sea water .
  • The shell is specially designed to facilitate change operation and maintenance cartridges.
  • This design allows access to all internal elements for maintenance and repair.
  • To the normal design you may include a davit opening in the upper bottom.


Two Bodies Filters tanks

  • Two bodies Filters tanks of Dimasa Grupo are ideal to use in seawater with diferent degrees of salinity, optimizing performance and minimizing seawater maintenance. It is making it the most economical
  • Our tanks have water inlet and outlet below from above. It is composed to plastic elements to prevent corrosion and increase its endurance.


Three Bodies Filters tanks

  • Three bodies Filters tanks have water inlet and outlet below from above. It is composed of plastic elements to prevent any corrosion and increase its endurance.
  • To the normal design may include a david opening on the upper bottom.
  • Our tanks are quick opening and represent major cost savings.
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