BIODOME Gas Holders

BIODOME Gas Holders from KIRK ENVIRONMENTAL are the market leaders in Double Membrane Biogas Storage Solutions.

BIODOME Gas Holders

KIRK Environmental’s BIODOMEĀ® Gas Storage Solution is the highest strength double membrane gas holder available across the globe. It can be designed to suit a wide range of applications, free standing or installed on top of steel and concrete storage tanks. BIODOMEĀ® can be designed for various combinations of gas pressures, storage volumes and gas production rates and can be used for sewage, wastewater treatment, industrial effluent or biogas plants.

The top mounted gas holders can easily accommodate central mixers and full or partial bridges. Membranes can also be manufactured for specific arrangements when converting existing tanks or replacing other roof systems.

Biogas storage for energy use is an easy and efficient way for existing plants to create low cost energy either for powering the plant itself or selling back to utilities.

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