AMTA NEWS Hydranautics upgrades membrane projection software

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AMTA NEWS Hydranautics upgrades membrane projection software

Hydranautics unveiled its IMSDesign-2015 at this week’s AMTA AWWA conference, Membrane Technology 2015. THe software was developed using Microsoft’s .NET Technology, and it includes, According to Hydranautics, improved graphics and features which enhance the user’s ability to design and analyze membrane based systems quickly and accurately.

Hydranautics says its ROData XL normalization program tracks performance of reverse
osmosis (RO) and nano filtration systems to assure trouble-free operation.

New features in IMSDesign-2015 include: a multiple-language user interface with easier
membrane data entry. Screen previews and quick calculations can be performed using different
membranes while membranes are being selected says the developer.

Other new features include:

an option to mix 3 different membranes in a first stage pressure vessel in hybrid designs
feature commonly used in seawater RO designs;

Incorporation of calcium phosphate and calcium fluoride in the saturation Indexes;

a dynamic floating block diagram that renders real-time block diagrams highlighting the
effects of changes in the system configuration;

a detailed flow diagram that shows all streams and displays, their flows, pressures, permeate
total dissolved solids, and three user-selected parameters such as pH, conductivity, or a specific ion;

Improved printouts for projections which now include the energy usage of each design,
the pressure drop of each stage, and user-selected specific ions;

addition of custom ions including copper, cobalt Manganese, chromium, nickel,molybdenum,
silver, lead, zinc, radium uranium and iron for wastewater applications and for the metal finishing
and electroplating industry; and

improved temperature and pressure correction factors for more accurate performance

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