Algae removal

AQUACLEAN algae and blanket weed remover is an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to chemical algaecides

AQUACLEAN is a special blend of naturally occurring microbes and nutrients that removes the algae’s primary source of food, nitrogen, from the water. This drastic reduction in nitrogen concentrations makes it difficult for the algae to bloom. Aquaclean works in the entire water column, as well as bottom sludge layers, to digest any organic wastes generated by animal and plant life in the pond. Aquaclean also contains cultures beneficial for enhancing turf quality and is therefore safe to use in irrigation ponds. The cultures are completely safe, and will not harm humans, plants, animals, birds or the environment.
– Removes existing algae and prevents new growth.
– Breaks down organic and faecal waste in the water.
Clarifies lake or pond water.
– Eliminates ammonia and organic odours.
– Enhances uptake of nutrients by grasses.
– Improves the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife.
– Reduces ammonia salts and other contaminants.
– Completely safe for humans, animals, fish and aquatic plant life.

Aquaclean’s bacterial formulation was designed to supply the correct bacteria for the entire pond, including the sludge layer. The sludge layer can be the largest contributor of nutrients to the pond for two reasons:

– As organic matter (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) degrades on the pond bottom, nitrogen and phosphorus are realized to the water.
– The bacterial populations in the sludge layer can be damaged by applied algaecides and pesticides flushed into the pond during rainstorms. Aquaclean will repopulate the sludge layer and accelerate the degradation process. This not only reduces the sludge layer volume but will also reduce the release of nutrients. It is important to note here that the copper used in algaecides and herbicides accumulates in bottom sludge causing an ever-increasing toxicity problem for natural microorganisms.

AQUACLEAN, algae remover and blanket weed remover, removes the algae and blanket weed, then the bacteria balances your pond, to create a better environment for your fish.

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