ACP(Concrete)Ltd manufacture and supply prestressed


These require supporting columns at either end and are available in three thicknesses to suit most applications:

95mm    Non load bearing, suitable for palletised stores, industrial units & warehouses.

145mm  Load bearing, suitable for bulk storage, retaining walls, tanks & bunkers.

180mm  Load bearing for high load situations,usually given by a combination of storage height, bay width and product density.

All panels are available in three standard heights, 1m, 1.2m & 1.5m which can be combined to give the desired overall wall height. Panel lengths are made to suit your requirements (maximum length 8m but suitability depends on loading & span)

Fixing – Panels are cast with four sockets in the outside face and are clipped to the stanchions using plates and bolts provided.

Handling – Two lifting/handling methods are available. Panels can be cast with two lifting holes and a set of ‘D’ shackles provided or a proprietry lifting insert is cast tino the top edge of the panels and a set of lifting clutches can be provided for handling.


These panels are incorporated into the foundation and provide a clear wall with no above ground steelwork required. Available in two thicknesses, 145mm and 180mm to suit a wide range of applications. This type of panel is frequently used to construct external storage bunkers, above or below ground tanks, soil retaining walls and division walls.


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