ACP's precast

Panel Type Required

ACP Concrete manufacture two thicknesses of panels for retaining walls, 145mm thick and 180mm thick. The type of panel required generally depends on the predicted loading. This is a function of the height of the stored material, its density and angle of repose and, in the case of the horizontal panels system, the maximum span between stanchions. This information will be required by our staff to assess the type of panel best suited to the situation.

Horizontal Panel Fixing – panels are cast with four socket in the outside face and are clipped to the stanchions using plates and bolts provided.

Vertical Cantilever Panel Fixing – between 0.4 -0.5m of the panel is set into the foundation below finished floor level and the panels are tied into the foundation concrete using reinforcing bars supplied.

Common Applications

Soil retaining; bulk material storage; waste transfer stations; recycling facilities



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