2D Flood Modelling – Dolgarrog Aluminium Works ( Hydro)

RPS has recently completed a 2 dimensional flood model of the River Conwy. Investigating the breaching and overtopping of the existing flood defences in the village of Dolgarrog

2D Flood Modelling – Dolgarrog Aluminium Works ( Hydro)

The main objective of the assessment was to understand the mechanisms of flooding at a disused aluminium works and to provide initial pre-purchase advice. Mitigation strategies in order to maximise the developable footprint, whilst taking every opportunity to reduce flood risk to the surrounding area were also modelled.

A series of key issues/problems were encountered during the assessment.  These issues included the following;

·         The low standard of protection afforded by the existing flood defence measures;

·         Modelling a tidal and fluvial flood risk to the site;

·          History of breaching and overtopping of flood defences in the region;

·          Producing an outline mitigation strategy;

·         Utilising the detailed 2D modelling solutions were tested in order to provide the optimum layout and design, bringing together land values and flood risk.

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