Voltea BV

Voltea BV

Voltea aims to help people and businesses access low-cost, clean water while reducing environmental impact. Voltea’s award-winning CapDI systems provide desalinated brackish water at a lower economical and environmental cost than any other available technology.

CapDI is a tunable water deionization technology that is designed to remove dissolved salts from a variety of water sources ranging from tap water and brackish groundwater to industrial process water.

Uniquely, CapDI operates at temperatures ranging from 5-60 C, or 40-140 F, on challenging higher turbidity feed waters, with minimal operator intervention. Our technology is environmentally friendly by virtue of its low energy consumption and minimal to no chemical usage, thus allowing any unrecovered water to flow back into the ecosystem safely.

Voltea’s CapDI systems are based on a single technology platform, which allows for variable salt removal, and is scalable across water volumes ranging from a few milliliters per minute to thousands of cubic meters per hour. This flexibility means CapDI can be used in a wide array of applications, from residential white goods to large industrial cooling towers.

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