TEDAGUA believes that specialisation is the best way to provide an effective response to emerging needs in the water treatment and industrial solutions sectors. Specialisation enables us to guarantee the highest standards of quality and service in all our processes – from research into new solutions and project execution, to our after-sales service.

In recent years, TEDAGUA has put an even greater emphasis on research and development of new technologies for the water sector, in order to find new ways to improve performance. A key result of our specialisation and R&D is that we are now clear leaders in the application of new technologies associated with the desalination of seawater and brackish water. What were once considered complex and expensive ways of obtaining treated water, are now efficient, reliable and cost effective processes.

Our strengths in membrane technology for water treatment has meant we have been able to develop a broad range of new product lines that allow us to provide effective solutions for treating a wide variety of feedwater types.

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