Technol Portoroz d o o

Technol Portoroz d o o

Since 1990 TECHNOL is a designer and manufacturer of vertical and horizontal FRP pressure multimedia filters for desalination plants.

FRP is an ideal material for sea water environments as it is 100% resistant to corrosion. Technol filters can be used as a pre-treatment in facilities of all sizes, stabilizing the quality of filtered water before the reverse osmosis phase.

Technol produce pressure filters up to 4m in diameter and 15m in length or height and max. 10bar of working pressure, filters backwashing is possible with water and air.

Technol is specialised in FRP production with the experience of more than 30 years.

Beside FRP multimedia filters Technol produces vertical & horizontal cartridge filters, remineralisation vessels, limestone contactors, ion exchangers, strainers, ozone reaction vessels and storage tanks.

The location of Technol is ideal as it is 20km away from 2 international ports and 200m from the sea, where ships can load the goods and transport it to the final destination.