SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions helps industries solve their toughest water, wastewater and process challenges. We work with customers across all industries, including food & beverage, metals and mining, power, chemicals & pharma, oil & gas downstream and petrochemicals, upstream oil & gas, pulp and paper, and utilities.

We offer many solutions for desalination including seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membranes and systems and membrane pretreatment systems using ZeeWeed ultrafiltration (UF) hollow fiber membranes. SUEZ’s ZeeWeed UF systems are designed with a robust life expectancy, giving you confidence in your water treatment system’s operation. Our ZeeWeed 700B RMS systems use an inside-out hollow fiber membrane with SevenBore fiber technology. A new product in the ZeeWeed portfolio, the ZW700B RMS is a rackless module system which provides a smaller footprint than conventional systems. Typical applications include seawater RO pretreatment, industrial process water, and food and beverage applications.

To learn more, download the case study on the world’s largest membrane-based reuse project, and read the article about comparing SWRO pretreatment membranes.


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