Pulsonic Group

The Pulsonic Group consists of; Pulsonic Technologies, Pulsonic Bioscience, and Bionetix UK. Pulsonic Technologies are an ISO:9001 certified manufacturer of liquid and trade effluent monitoring and control products and services. Pulsonic Bioscience produce a varied range of bacterial treatments to compliment Pulsonic Technologies systems for Industrial, Municipal and Commercial sectors with a large range of reseller concentrates and domestic products available. Specifically selected to degrade target substances in waste water systems, such as; Fats and oils, Fuels and Ethanol, Food and Agriculture, Beverage and Alcohol, Reduce organic acids, ammonia and toxic substances, Increase wastewater treatment efficiency, Reduce plant upsets from shock. Bionetix UK supplies and formulates concentrated and ready to use formulas for environmentally friendly cleaning; Floor cleaners, Surface cleaners, Portable toilet treatments, Grease traps, Graffiti removers and hard surface sealants, Urinal blocks and washroom hygiene products. We offer a range of range of multi spore bacteria blends ideal for developing and reselling a range of products; Septic tank treatments, Drain treatments, Floor cleaners, Odour controls, Aquaculture, Agricultural and animal feed enhancers, Algae and blanket weed removers, Soil enhancers, peat free compost and soil remediation, Shrimp, Poultry, Dairy, and Swine Feed supplements. For more information on products and distribution agreements contact Pulsonic Bioscience today on 01422363462 or sales@pulsonicbioscience.com