Omya International AG

Omya International AG

Omya is a leading global producer of industrial minerals – mainly fillers and pigments derived from calcium carbonate and dolomite – and a worldwide distributor of specialty chemicals.

Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, Omya has a global presence extending to more than 175 locations in over 50 countries with 8,000 employees. The company provides a wealth of product solutions that contribute to its customers’ competitiveness and productivity in multiple industries such as Construction, Printing & Writing, Technical Polymers, Packaging, Food, Personal & Home Care, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Forestry, Water and Energy.

For the remineralization of desalinated water Omya produces and offers Omyaqua calcium carbonate chips and Omyaqua powdered calcium carbonate. Omya develops new technology such as a new advanced remineralization process based on micronized calcium carbonate and environmental friendly inorganic Omyafloc flocculants to remove suspended solids from surface, seawater or industrial effluents.

In selected countries Omya s offering include efficient RO Antiscalants & Membrane cleaning & antifouling agents.

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