H+E UK Ltd

H+E is dedicated to the design, supply, service and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy plant and equipment. We provide a one-stop shop for your water, wastewater treatment needs plus the production of energy from waste. For water treatment, our Standardised products include softeners, filtration, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionisation (EDI), Toveko continuous gravity sand filters, and San Kan Oh functional water production systems. Custom -designed systems range from ultra-pure water treatment systems for electronics, power and pharmaceutical applications, including technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange electrodeionisation (EDI) etc to industrial effluent / wastewater treatment plants including chemical dosing, oxidation, reduction, flocculation, coagulation, biological treatment systems, clarification, sludge handling and dewatering etc.
For the production of energy from waste we provide advanced anaerobic systems for a huge range of applications.