FT Pipeline Systems Ltd

FT Pipeline Systems is a specialist supplier of coated and lined steel pipelines. Pipe sizes range from 80mm up to 3000mm with a choice of jointing systems (butt welded, E joint, flanged, socket weld andGrooved for Victaulic type couplings). Coatings include PE, PP FBE and Bitumen wrapping, all to W.I.S. standards. Internal linings include cement-mortar and epoxy to DWI standards and also for dirty water. 6m, 9m, 12m and 18m length pipes are available. In addition, we supply Canusa Joint Corrosion Protection. Made byShawcor in Toronto, this is acknowledged as the best joint protection available in the UK. Less expensive than the installed cost of serviwrap or Denso tape, Canusa heat shrink polyethylene sleeves provide far better protection for DI, steel and plastic pipeline joints and are made for any size of joint. Canusa products have been widely used in the UK by numerous water companies for the past 8 years

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