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Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Training and Employment Services First Steps is now able to offer “The Geotechnical Industries Specialised Award” , a National Certificate, which has been approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority of the Government. It can be obtained by those who possess a first degree and is appropriate for those who work in geotechnics and related disciplines. It is intended to provide the basic tools required for work in these subjects e.g field and office skills, basic mechanics and geology etc. Fast tracking to obtain this award is possible. For further details First Steps is working with the British Drilling Association and the drilling companies to relieve their skills shortage in land based drilling. Together we are willing to help any school leaver or other job seeker who is technically and mechanically minded, and interested in an outdoor life leading to a career where every job is different, to obtain appropriate training. Drillers have been used to investigate the Olympic site, the new Channel Tunnel line into St. Pancras, Cross Rail beneath London, every new development in towns and cities, the sea defences on the east coast, voids from old mining in the redeveloped mining towns, new railway routes for the west coast, landslides in the Welsh valleys, and much more. It is an industrial area where there is a skills shortage yet offers a career unknown to many. For the right people there are openings. First Steps provides practical training in laboratory and field work, an NVQ Award to Levels 2 and 3 in Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities (LATA) through PAA/VQ-SET, Employment Services, and Expert Services for geological, geotechnical and geo-environmental sectors including those for drillers and drilling. First Steps Ltd. ( was created in 2000 by two chartered geologists to provide the following services: Practical courses in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering. NVQ Awards to Level 2 (Technician) and Level 3 (Supervisor) in Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities through PAA/VQ-SET. More about this NVQ can be found under the following link: In house training for companies In house training for companies enables staff to remain in the office whilst training whole Sections at the same time; it also helps retain staff. Such training is offered by arrangement; please contact Christine Butenuth at First Steps A number of companies and one major College have taken advantage of this service. Employment agency services Being applied geologists we know how to find the right people for the right jobs in Earth and Environmental Sciences and in Geotechnical Engineering. Once applicants have been placed they are not contacted by us again in an attempt to place them with another company. Nor are contracts, once signed, broken by selling the applicant to a later, but higher, bidder. Further details can be found under Technical Chronologies Technical Chronologies is a service available to support companies in dispute. It specializes in the compilation of documents that describe a sequence of events. It supplements the legal chronology and provides documents from which all parties should be able to work. For further information please contact Christine Butenuth at First Steps First Steps Ltd. Tel.: 0207 736 6889

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