Elemental Water Makers

Elemental Water Makers ensures fresh water today, without limiting tomorrow through desalination powered by renewable energy.

Elemental Water Makers turn seawater into drinking water using only the sun, wind or waves or your energy. This means the opportunity of an affordable & reliable water supply from unlimited resources for resorts, private properties, communities, industries and municipalities on islands and coastal regions. The company provides tailored turn-key projects between 1-1200 m³/day.

In 2017, Elemental Water Makers was awarded the 1st prize of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award for their sustainable desalination technology. They offer:

– Savings up to 70% on water expenses
– Sustainable using only unlimited resources
– Stress-free operation through automation and remote monitoring
– Reliable and independent water supply
– Award winning solution proven in the field for over 6 years

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