Eimco Water Technologies

Eimco Water Technologies specializes in the development and supply of Water Intakes for Desalination and Power. Our product portfolio includes Mechanical Screening Equipment which includes Drum Screens, Band Screens, Bar Screens and Raking Systems, Isolation Gates ( StopGates ) and Fish Protection Systems fully in accordance with the latest Environmental regulations. We also have the ability to offer small scale thermal and Revers Osmosis (RO) desalination plants upto 5000 M3/day. Eimco Water Technologies brings together the experience and know-how of several brands that have been recognized in the industry for more then 100 years; Brackett Green, Jones & Attwood, Copa, Enviroquip, Caird & Rayner Clark, Christ Water Technology. The group also has experience and products to treat domestic, industrial and petrochemical water and wastewater, as well as other large scale water intakes and industrial effluents.

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