Dependable Energy Efficient SWRO Pumps by CAT PUMPS

Cat Pumps rugged construction and efficient performance are two major reasons OEMs and users choose our SWRO pumps. Over the last 40 years, our pumps have been field-proven to provide long life and low maintenance in the most aggressive reverse osmosis desalination applications. Cat Pumps SWRO pumps deliver 90% overall mechanical efficiency, frequently eliminating the concern for energy recovery systems and providing an economical RO pump solution, especially in locations with high energy rates.
Our SWRO pumps deliver high-pressure sea water to the membrane systems from 0 .5 GPM up to 240 GPM [345,000 GPD]. Special-built models are available up to 400 GPM [575,000 GPD]. Our reciprocating, positive displacement pump design requires no special pre-filtration and only very basic periodic maintenance, keeping equipment and operating costs to a minimum.
CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: Ultra-Compact Direct-Drive SS Pumps / High Flow Reciprocating SS Pumps / Block-Style SS Pumps / 316SS and Duplex Pumps / Custom energy-efficient VFD pumping systems

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