Avista Technologies (UK) Ltd

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Avista Technologies is a trusted expert in membrane system chemistry and global process support for Reverse Osmosis and Micro/Ultra Filtration membrane systems and Multimedia Filtration.

Reverse Osmosis (RO): Improve RO performance with highly effective chemicals and laboratory support services. Products include: Vitec antiscalants, RoClean and AvistaClean membrane cleaners, AntiChlor chlorine scavengers, RoCide biocides, and SafeGuard storage chemicals.

A Green line of proven, high performance antiscalants and cleaners are readily biodegradable and free of phosphate, phosphonate, and EDTA

Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration: AvistaClean MF are one-step cleaners formulated to restore MF/UF membrane performance when generics are no longer effective.

Multi-Media Filtration (MMF): Membrane compatible RoQuest coagulants and technical services increase MMF efficiency and reduce cleaning frequencies of downstream membrane systems.

Technical Services: Include laboratory membrane cleaning studies, data

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