Avista Technologies Inc

Avista Technologies Inc

Avista Technologies is a global expert in membrane system chemistry and process support for reverse osmosis, microfiltration/ultrafiltration and multimedia filtration. Our full line of specialty chemicals includes antiscalants, cleaners, biocides, coagulants, chlorine scavengers and membrane storage chemistry.

In our fully equipped laboratories, we develop chemistry and test for compatibility using a strict protocol widely accepted by all major membrane manufactures. All formulations are pre-tested, tested and re-tested to ensure that they meet the unique challenges posed by diverse applications and challenging feedwaters.

We are leaders in membrane analytics with more than 3500 membrane autopsies using CEI or Chromatic Elemental Imaging and data collected on over 150,000 cleaning studies.

Our expertise goes beyond the lab with a team of Application Specialists and Technical Engineers that provide worldwide support services including procedure and chemical application recommendations, data normalization and on-site troubleshooting.

At Avista, we are driven by your success and our focus is to enhance the life, performance, reliability and recovery rate of your membrane system.